Welcome to Shield Bypass

Our firewall shield bypassing service is designed to ensure the internet remains free and open to all. Bypass government sponsored censorship programs and internal PC monitoring operations by third parties. When you start browsing with shield bypass you will find each page URL becomes encrypted, you can access your favourite sites and a lot of potentially dangerous web code is turned off. Each page you request is sent through our US based dedicated proxy server, automatically processed and pushed directly to your browser.

Starting The IP Bypasser

We try to keep things as simple as possible at Shield Bypass, so just enter your destination URL into the form beneath and begin surfing. The optimum bypasser settings are preprogrammed into the system and will provide the best experience when trying to view a range of websites. You can adjust the configuration to suit your needs, page loading times may vary when more resource intensive options like encoding each page are used. One of the best advantages of Shield Bypass is that this particular website has it's own unique IP address which your PC will be able to cloak behind.